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Gym Equipment for Sale in Australia

Needing some gym equipment for your gym, or to take it to your home? Wanted to get the best equipment prices, then you have come to the right place. From the dumbbell, and bench press equipment, to a simple treadmill, and more complicated equipment for your fitness, we have it at the right price, and we are ready to deliver the equipment to your home in Australia, contact us for inquiries and purchase.

What did we offer you? Well, plenty of various professional standard equipment for fitness, and your home, perfect safety features, as well as the standard for the tools and equipment. What’s more, we provide a whole variety of training and fitness equipment here. So, let’s take a look at the fitness to equip we provide and you can purchase it here on our official website.  

Gym Equipment

Find Out More of Our Products Here, and Our Professional Gym Tools

Let’s take a look at our products and the professional gym equipment that is ready to be purchased and delivered to your doorstep in Aussie. There are many categories with a variety of different tools and equipment that you can purchase here, from dumbbells, rack and rigs, weight plates, bars, weight attachments, and more fitness equipment packages.

  • Racks and rigs

Racks and rigs are the most common tools to have in your home gym and can be used for semi-commercial gym usage too. It is one of the professional tools that can be used for training, weight lifting, and pulling. With the adjustable weight on each side, and a maximum load capacity of 70 kg on each side. Our products are the cable crossover machine, equipped with 140kg Weights.    

  • Dumbbell

Dumbbell, the easiest staple of gym tools, is used for both amateur gym goers that just beginning their journey in the gym, to professional bodybuilders. We provide many selections of the dumbbell, along with the dumbbell racks with the selection of dumbbells from 1kg to 5 kg dumbbell. Purchase our Vinyl coated dumbbell with a weight set stand.

  • Weight plates

Weight plates, steel iron weight plates for bars attachment. Weight plates can be supplemented for bars and gym equipment packages. 

  • Bars and Attachment

We have plenty of selections for the bars and attachments for the gym equipment, with the varieties of bars that can be used in many ways, and other tools. From weight lifting, bench press, pull weight, and many more. Standard, professional bars and attachments that can be used to repair, modify, and replace your gym equipment.

  • Fitness package

Well, if you are looking for the full, equipment that can be used for gym fitness, you can also purchase our home gym equipment. In this gym package equipment, we have a complete package of rope cable attachments for the gym for AUD 30, Straight bar attachments for $29.95, Single Handle Rubber grip for $19, and the home gym power equipment for AUD 895.

If you are looking for more, complete, and affordable gym equipment shops, to get your needed gym tools, then visit our official website to get more information on gym equipment in Australia.