Understanding Family Laws and Its Area in Karratha Lawyers Law Firm

By | October 10, 2021
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Problems might happen in a family that forces you to solve them legally. Family problems include divorce, child custody, financial separation, and many more. When these things happen, you need a family lawyer to solve those kinds of problems. Karratha Lawyers are one of the best law firms in Australia that can help you solve all of your family problems.

Understanding Family Laws

Family law is an area of law that will deal with family matters including marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, property agreements, and many more. The family lawyer will help and represent a client in court.

Most families need a family lawyer due to divorce and all the matters related to the divorce. But you need to understand that family law is not only taking care of divorce because they have a wider range of areas as mentioned before.

About Karratha Lawyers

It was mentioned before that Karratha Lawyers firm or Francis and Associates Lawyers Pty Ltd is one of the best law firms in Australia. It is said for some reasons. This law firm is led by a professional 10 years-experienced lawyer, Jana Francis. She has worked in non-profit to profit law firms and also private practice during her career.

She has a double degree in Business and Law from Victoria University, she decided to dedicate her knowledge to Family Law, Wills, and Estates. Now she practices law in Victoria, Western Australia, and Victoria. Her success leads her to develop her law firm that has successfully helped clients from different backgrounds.

Some Areas of Family Laws

Many people forget that the hardest thing about divorce is the process during separation. It is the hardest time to decide whether the married couple needs to be back together or be separated. Karratha Lawyers realize that and that is why it leads them to their strategy to resolve problems in an amicable.

Clients’ opinions and inputs are really important to make the best decision for both parties. Karratha family lawyers will see all the things from individual circumstances to make fair decisions for both parties. Here are some areas of Family laws that the Karratha family provides.

  1. Parenting

The ones who will get the biggest impact of the divorce are the children. It is really painful to see their parents decide to live in their path. As a child, they have no choice but to follow adults’ decisions. That is why parenting is the most crucial area that parents need to think about.

The family lawyer will help parents to discuss what kind of parenting the parents want to have after the separation. The agreements must put the children as they prioritize and that will be the best for the children’s future. The family lawyer will help parents with some of the best options to reach the best agreements for the vulnerable family members.

  1. Financial

Financial is another area the family lawyer will take care of. After the divorce, the assets, property, and wealth that parents earned during the marriage will be separated. Some of them will go to both parties, and some others will be for children.

The family lawyer plays the role to find the fastest and fairest way to take care of financial matters legally. Not only the wealth that family has, but also the duty of parents to fulfill children’s needs and how much money allowance each party should give to their children.

If both parties do not reach the agreement, the family lawyer will assist and give some legal advice regarding the matters. The family lawyer will also guide and represent you in the court and does not let you through all the process alone.

  1. Divorce

The most main reason a family needs a family lawyer is because of divorce. The first requirement of divorce is that you have to be separated from your spouse at least for 12 months or a year. The family lawyer will be with you passing all the process until you get the final decision.

  1. Violence

Sadly, violence happens in the family and the most victims are the wife and children. If you are experiencing violence in your family, do not hesitate to contact Karratha Lawyers because we will help you to get through it and you can have a free consultation so make a call immediately.