Some Differences Between Social Security Disability Benefits and VA Disability Benefits

By | July 8, 2021
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Understanding (SSD) Social Security Disability and VA Disability sometimes comes in confusion because they both are similar but different. People who are lack information about them think that SSD and VA Disability are the same when, in fact, have different definitions and benefits.

Understanding the Definition of Social Security Disability and VA Disability

To understand both SSD and VA Disability, you have to know both definitions. Social Security Disability is monthly insurance for American workers who are disabled and have a condition that prevents them to work at least a year. This insurance will come as well as their family members and the survivor.

Meanwhile, VA Disability is compensation that offers monthly payments for Veteran who suffers injury or illness during or after military services. this compensation is given because they are in hard condition to complete their need because of the injury or illness they got from the services.

Some Differences Between Social Security Disability Benefits and VA Disability Benefits

There are some different points you have to understand between Social Security Disability and VA Disability. Here are some of them;

  1. Funding Sources

Social Security Disability Insurance comes from the taxes the workers paid when they were still able to work normally. It is under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act Self Employment Contributions Act. The injured workers must be able to complete the requirements to get the approval in Social Security Disability Insurance.

On the other side, VA Disability Insurance is simply compensation for veterans who got the injury and did well during their services. This compensation is funded by the Department of Veteran Affairs to compensate all the veterans who got an injury to receive their needs. The fund does not come from the tax they paid but from the special fund.

  1. Insurance Requirements

Both Social Security Disability Insurance and VA Disability Insurances solely have different requirements to get approval. SSD Insurance will approve the request from people who can complete some of the requirements and conditions.

The SSD Insurance is for those who are unable to work due to their medical condition that is expected more than a year or cause death. The injury must not a short-term or partial disability so that if you get an injury that will heal in months you do not come to the requirements. Moreover, they also have to meet Social Security Administration and are younger than retirement age.

Meanwhile, VA Disability has not had as many requirements as SSDI because it is purely compensation for the veteran who has been defending their country. Looking at the percentage, VA Disability Insurance has a bigger percentage as veterans are possible to get all the benefits offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

  1. The Process

Social Security Disability Insurance requires some different steps that should be accomplished. Most of the applicants are failed at the rate of 70% because they could not accomplish one of the steps.

In contrast, there are only two steps to get VA Disability Insurance. The first step is proving that the applicant is truly the veteran and he was not fired because of disgraceful discharge. The second step is the proof that the injury or illness they got was truly from military service.

  1. The numbers of both insurances

The scale of claims from both Social Security Disability Insurance and VA Disability Insurance is different. SSD Insurance has a greater number of claims than VA Disability Insurance.

In 2018, it was said that there are more than 8.7 million people who receive SSD Insurance, and only about 3.8 million people received VA Disability Insurance. No wonder that SSD insurance has more requirements than VA Disability Insurance to make sure that the insurance is on the right receiver.