The Greenhouse Center Clubhouse

92 South Franklin Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

Phone: (570) 823-3554

Fax: (570) 823-6254

Director: Elizabeth Mulcahey

Auspice Agency: Behavioral Health Services/CCS


Director's Email:


Clubhouse is in the middle of ICCD re-certification. Annual Picnic is in two weeks. 1 of our members is on track to complete her GED this year. 5 others are in process of test completion. According to data analysis, 33% of our membership has worked in the last year. Average daily attendance 26-30. Average Social Program attendance is 8-12. We are in the process of registering/motivating voting members, keeping them apprised of ID law changes, etc. 

Clubhouse is 50% staffed with fmr MH consumers (Colleen McKay identifies PA trend as 17% of ALL clubhouse workers identify as such). 1 such fmr consumer, Beth M., is senior staff at GH and is thus hoped to, upon Regina's retirement, assume the reigns as program director (*those are my words, not Regina's). We are 75% CPRP staffed (state reg is 25%). We are 25% CPS staffed. Two of our members chair the County Mental Health Planning Committe Meetings. 75% of our staff has Bachelor's Degrees. 25% are enrolled in undergraduate education. 25% are enrolled in graduate education. 25% are R.N.